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Anyone Can be a (Perfect) Witch - Ambrosia Hawthorn

Anyone Can be a (Perfect) Witch - Ambrosia Hawthorn

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Anyone can be a witch! Perfect or not, who cares at the end? The irony of the title lies exactly in that: today, to be a witch is not to be perfect, but rather to look at the world differently, to be aware of the power of nature, and to use it for personal benefit. A book for modern witches that wants to be also, and especially, a way to empower the reader, to not homologate to other people's judgement: it includes 50 moments to be a witch, seeking personal strength and uniqueness. This book introduces magic as a tool for personal growth: from the most intimate and personal situations to the public and social ones, every moment is the right moment to let go of the ordinary in favour of magic. A book that can make us change our point of view on what surrounds us, the people and ourselves, thanks to a witchlike (or a simply boundaries-free!) approach. AUTHOR: Ambrosia Hawthorn is a travelling eclectic Pagan, astrologer, and author with indigenous roots in Yup'ik shamanism and Puerto Rican folk magic. She is the founder of the blog Wild Goddess Magick, and the editor of Witchology Magazine (with a community of more than 28 thousand followers). She is the author of various best sellers, among which The Spell Book for New Witches (Rockridge Press, 2020).

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