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Between You and Me - Joanna Horton

Between You and Me - Joanna Horton

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 Between You and Me is a riveting portrayal of female friendship, and the frayed boundary between loyalty and desire.
Mari and Elisabeth have been at the centre of each other’s lives for years. Close friends since university, they’re now drifting through their mid-twenties, working casual jobs and living in run-down share houses. When they meet Jack, a charming academic historian twenty years their senior, they’re attracted to the sophisticated, intellectual world in which he seems to move. As the summer gathers heat, Jack is drawn into their lives, and an unconventional relationship – halfway between friendship and love triangle – develops. But soon things grow more complicated, and as secrets and betrayals detonate, the fallout sets the course for the rest of their lives. 
In Mari and Elisabeth, Joanna Horton has created two unforgettable women, whose choices on the cusp of adulthood will resonate with anyone who has ever had to navigate where friendship, intimacy and love intersect when trying to make a life of one’s own. 

PRAISE for Between You and Me

'A novel that deftly explores the uncomfortable grey areas of power, privilege and control. Between You and Me is a compulsive read about how the choices we make (and those made for us) ripple into the future. At once unsettling and totally captivating.’ – Natasha Sholl, author of Found, Wanting

‘I absolutely loved it. The characters felt both deeply familiar and also intriguingly complex and unknowable. An engaging and evocative read that I can't stop thinking about.’ – Eliza Henry-Jones, author of Salt and Skin

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