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Craft Roach - Rachel Burke

Craft Roach - Rachel Burke

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Craft Roach is an exuberant story about an artsy little bug who lives life a little differently. Written by Rachel Burke (@imakestagram) and with art from best-selling illustrator Daniel Gray-Barnett, Craft Roach is a fun, rhyming picture book about standing out, fitting in and having the courage to be your most joyful self. 

Craft Roach makes the other bugs 
feel very tense and stressed.
Standing out? Being seen? 
They do not think it best.
But Craft Roach sees things differently,
has more than just an inkling –
that crawlies wouldn’t be so feared,
if all of them were twinkling …

Craft Roach is a story that will change your mind about cockroaches, and will delight and encourage young readers to be bold and never dim their light.

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