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Eat, Sleep, Play, Love - Preeya Alexander

Eat, Sleep, Play, Love - Preeya Alexander

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A practical, non-judgmental and honest guide to the first two years of a child’s life for a new generation of Australian parents.

Practising GP, mother of two and Instagram’s popular doctor Preeya Alexander is a refreshing new voice in the parenting space. Her hands-on, inclusive and down-to-earth advice, combined with a big dose of fun, is the ultimate survival guide for the first two years of parenting.

Preeya offers straightforward and trustworthy information about looking after both babies and new parents. From postpartum care and mastitis to feeding and sleep problems, nothing is off limits.

Eat, Sleep, Play, Love demystifies this sleep-deprived time and breaks down complex topics with wisdom and humour to make them easily digestible and achievable.

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