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Etta and the Octopus - Zana Fraillon

Etta and the Octopus - Zana Fraillon

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 A hilarious, fully illustrated tale about an unlikely friendship between a girl and an octopus that is perfect for newly independent readers, from one of Australia's most respected writers for children and an award-winning illustrator. FOUND! One octopus! Likes to eat tuna sandwiches. Goes by the name of 'Oswald'. It all began when Etta decided to take a bath . . . And realised she wasn't alone. In the bath sat Oswald. Etta had never had an octopus in her bath before. At first, Etta thinks it might be fun to have Oswald around. But she soon learns that octopuses are not very good at being tidy . . . or cooking . . . or sharing . . . or even playing nicely. Just as Etta has almost had enough, someone comes to claim Oswald. Oswald isn't perfect, but does Etta really want to send him away? A QUIRKY AND HILARIOUS ILLUSTRATED SERIES ABOUT AN UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP . . . THAT MIGHT JUST STEAL YOUR HEART! Praise for Etta and the Octopus: 'Wholesome, hilarious, unique and a whole lot of fun . . . A charming story about finding friendship in the most unexpected of places' BETTER READING 'Etta and the Octopus conjures curiosity, wonder, humour and suspense to bring a new twist to the age-old tale of an unlikely friendship . . . an ideal choice!' BOOKS+PUBLISHING

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