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Hungry for More (Kid YouTuber: Season 2) - Marcus Emerson

Hungry for More (Kid YouTuber: Season 2) - Marcus Emerson

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Davy Spencer is still learning the secrets to becoming a superstar YouTuber! In this season, Davy’s views skyrocket when he lets Fans decide his next video, but how far will he go to become an internet legend? Answer—Very, Very Far. There’s a food drive at Davy’s school, and the kid who donates the most canned goods by the end of the week wins a super rad bike! Davy promises his Fans a crazy-dangerous stunt with the bike if they help him win it—all they have to do is leave a canned good by his locker with a video idea taped to the top. As the cans pile up, so does Davy’s Fan count, but how high does Davy need to jump to keep his new Fans happy?

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