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I, Millennial - Tom Ballard

I, Millennial - Tom Ballard

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 ‘A damn hilarious read.’ Nazeem Hussain

‘A true barbarian.’ Andrew Bolt

Our world is in chaos lol. And no, Australian Millennials, it’s not your imagination: things are especially f**ked for us.

Millions of Baby Boomers got beach houses, free education, jobs for life and a franking credit-fed retirement. But Millennials have been handed a housing crisis, crippling student debt, the gig economy, a cooked planet, a truly broken political system and now wars, inflation and a global pandemic, as a treat.

This fully sucks. But never fear – this book is going to fix everything. Through the power of jokes, history, interviews and sass, so-called comedian Tom Ballard unpicks how his generation got here, and explains why we should probably do a revolution.

Fact-filled and furiously funny, this is a must-read not just for young people wondering why they’ve been given such a raw deal,
but for anyone with an interest in how we’re making our collective future impossible.

‘Tom Ballard is one of the most original, fearless and hilarious voices in Australian comedy.’ Wil Anderson

‘As a fellow beleaguered Millennial, Tom is exactly the voice we need in this time of wailing capitalist death throes. Funny but biting, he lays out how the system has screwed us all – and it has nothing to do with avocado toast. You’ll never be able to afford a house, so spend your money on this book instead.’ Amy Remeikis

‘Ballard is fuming, funny, and armed with facts.’ Tom Tilley

‘Speaking as Tom’s non-biological mother, I am naturally proud to bursting of everything he does, especially the gay sex and particularly the class consciousness, which you will find emerging in this book.’ Helen Razer

‘Tom makes me laugh, and think. I’m not sure in which order. This book might be his last but that’s ok – he’s nailed it.’ Dave Hughes

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