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Infected (Piggy: An Original Novel #1) - Terrance Crawford

Infected (Piggy: An Original Novel #1) - Terrance Crawford

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Mystery, mayhem—try to survive the terrifying world of Piggy in this original novel based on the fan-favourite video game! There is a mystery to be solved, keys to be found and an evil pig to escape! When an infection threatens to turn everyone into mindless, dangerous monsters, it is up to a few desperate survivors to get survive long enough to find a cure. But can they hold on long enough to get to the bottom of this mysterious illness, or will Piggy and her new minions find them first? Welcome to the bone chilling, pulse-pounding world of Piggy, the survival-horror game that will keep you up at night. Explore a frightening maze full of secrets to unearth and monsters that are out for blood! Can anyone make it out alive? A thrilling novel full of secrets, monsters and adventure.

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