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Matt Formston: Surfing in the Dark - John Dickson

Matt Formston: Surfing in the Dark - John Dickson

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 “Surfing in the Dark” tells the story of Matt Formston — a world champion surfer who is blind.
Meet Matt and hear his amazing story of resilience as he follows his dreams no matter the obstacles.
Matt always dreamed of becoming a professional surfer, but by the time he was five years old he was almost completely blind. Matt never let that stop him and now he is a record-holding cycling Paralympian and a world champion surfer!

This is the first book in Vision Australia’s new series of children’s books: Big Visions.  
This ground breaking series depicts everyday low vision and blind Australian’s living well and chasing their dream’s.  These important new role models are the first step towards changing the kids Vision Australia works with and Australia’s expectations of just how much a child with low vision or blindness can achieve. Vision Australia’s ambition is to use these true, unexpected stories of true resilience, true diversity and inclusion with the ambition of together building a kinder and more accepting Australia through the stories we read and tell.
“Just imagine what it will mean to blind or low vision kids or children with any kind of disability to see themselves in these stories of hope and triumph—to be the hero in books that are for all readers.” Ron Hooton, CEO Vision Australia
“…Formston’s successes, and failures, can inspire and empower all people and this necessary and worthy book  is the first in what is sure to become a ground-breaking  and vital series for all ages.” – Books and Publishing Review, Jan 2023Join the Movement! Spread the word! Together let’s build a more inclusive Australia that celebrates unexpected, truly positive role models like Matt, Craig and Nikki.
Let’s help change expectations of what children and young people who are blind and low vision can and can’t do to build a kinder more inclusive Australia. 
You can help us to spread our message across Australia.  

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