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The Glow - Sofie Laguna

The Glow - Sofie Laguna

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 Megan is obsessed with drawing fantastical creatures and she shares them with her best friend Li who writes stories to go with the pictures. They are kindred spirits with big creative dreams.

One day everyone in town - except Megan and Li - is immobilised by a strange glow coming from their phones. Megan and Li are initially frightened and alarmed, but when they realise they are somehow immune, they set out to seek help.

Soon a battle unfolds, a thrilling battle that pits all of their creative energies against the terrible monster that has ensnared everyone else around them.

A wonderfully spooky novel from one of Australia's finest writers, and beautifully illustrated by Marc McBride.

'McBride's illustrations take centre stage in this story, no doubt captivating those who love to draw and even those who don't. Not one for those who scare easily, The Glow keeps the reader guessing the resolution of the all-encompassing and menacing glow until the very end ... this new middle-grade novel is imagination at its best.' Books & Publishing

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