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Harper Collins

The Helsingor Sewing Club - Ella Gyland

The Helsingor Sewing Club - Ella Gyland

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 Inspired by the incredible true story of how the people of Denmark saved their Jewish neighbours during WW2
Helsingør, Denmark, 1943

In the midst of the German occupation during World War Two, Inger Bredahl joins the underground resistance and risks her life to save members of Denmark’s Jewish community and help them escape to Sweden.

Copenhagen, 2018

Inger’s granddaughter, Cecilie Lund, is mourning her death when a mysterious discovery while cleaning out Inger’s flat leads past and present to intersect. As long-held secrets finally see the light of day, Cecilie learns the story of her grandmother’s courage and bravery, and of the power of friendship, love, and standing for what’s right…even when you have everything to lose.

An inspiring tale of the resilience of the human spirit and the power of community.

Readers love Ella Gyland:

‘The characters are so well written they come alive…historical fiction at its best’ Abby

‘A superb storyteller and I was hooked from the very start’ Naomi

‘A contender for my top book of 2022! … Gyland is legendary when it comes to a double timeline. I’ve never seen one so well done’ Norma

‘Ella Gyland writes with warmth and respect…it’s so moving and painful to read at times but it’s also impossible to stop reading!’ Natalie

‘Skilfully written…truly inspirational’ Karren

‘ Amazing World War Two story which is so vivid and real that I thought I was there!’ Katie

‘I couldn’t put it down, it was captivating, gripping and engaging’ Aria

‘Above all it is a story of bravery, courage and heroism’ Karyn

‘An absolute gem of a book’ Angela

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