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The Rush - Michelle Prak

The Rush - Michelle Prak

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 ‘Compelling and explosive: you won’t be able to put this book down.’ Hayley Scrivenor, author of Dirt Town

‘Prepare to be terrified! A real rollercoaster of a debut.’ Nicci French, author of The Favour


The first drops start to fall when Quinn spies the body. With no reception and nothing but an empty road for miles, does she stop to help or keep driving to safety?

Back at the iconic country pub where Quinn works, Andrea is sandbagging the place in preparation for heavy rains. Alone with her sleeping son in the back room, she reluctantly lets a biker in to wait out the storm.

Out on the wet roads, tensions arise among four backpackers on their way to Darwin. They haven’t prepared for this kind of weather and the flooding isn’t the only threat on the horizon …

Chilling, tense and twisted, this compulsive thriller will send adrenaline coursing through your veins. 

‘An electrifying outback thriller that’s unlike anything I’ve read.’ Mark Brandi, author of Wimmera

‘This has to be the most terrifying book I've read in years! Michelle is a very assured writer, and her characters are so believable. I genuinely cared whether they lived or died, which is what made the book so deliciously tense.’ Shelley Burr, author of Wake

‘What a rollercoaster ride! A cracking debut you won’t be able to put down.’ Kelli Hawkins, author of Other People’s Houses

‘An utterly chilling read with an unexpected twist.’ Vikki Petraitis, author of The Unbelieved

‘Masterful twists all the way to its shattering ending.’ Greg Woodland, author of The Night Whistler

‘Taut, unpredictable, terrifying.’ Neela Janakiramanan, author of The Registrar

‘A haunting road trip through the outback with a terrifying finale.’ Tim Ayliffe, author of The Enemy Within

The Rush by Michelle Prak gives new meaning to the words gripping and horrifying ... It is anything but your typical outback thriller.’ Books+Publishing

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