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Harper Collins

There Are Mums Way Worse Than You - Glenn Boozan

There Are Mums Way Worse Than You - Glenn Boozan

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A rhyming illustrated humour book for mums who feel they're not doing a good job (and that's all mums, right?). Packed with scientifically true examples of terrible parents in the animal kingdom, to remind and reassure any mother that there are way worse mums out there.

A mum giraffe is pretty nice until the foetus drops. She’ll birth a newborn baby calf, then kick him ’til he walks. Whenever you feel guilty that you haven’t cleaned the house – Sexton beetles raise their kids in a decomposing mouse. A koala mum will feed her kids her own poop. Yes, poop. Panda mums will abandon one twin because raising two is, well, just too much. And every now and then a cuddly little hamster mum will – yup – eat her newborn pups.

These and other true facts from the animal kingdom offer a hilarious reality check on what constitutes 'good parenting'. So, human mother, time to stop worrying about the job you're doing – because you’re a great mum.

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