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What July Knew - Emily Koch

What July Knew - Emily Koch

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 A moving mystery set in the 90s, about a girl trying to solve the mystery of her mother's death after she receives an anonymous note saying 'She didn't die in a car accident'... if only her family would stop lying to her, she might be able to discover the truth.

A moving mystery about family secrets, grief and growing up.

July knows 18 things about her mother. But not the truth.

Summer, 1995. On her tenth birthday, July's teacher sets the class a project to find out about a relation they don't know. It's easy for July to choose her subject. She doesn't remember her mother, who died when she was small, and her father refuses to talk about her. Ever. The only memories she has of her are flashbacks from the accident that claimed her mother's life.

But then she receives the note- 'She didn't die in a car accident.'

Determined to discover what really happened, July begins to investigate, cycling around the street where her family used to live and questioning the neighbours. When she is caught snooping round a crumbling house at the end of the road, she learns that the man living there was the last person to see July's mother alive.

In his version of the story, he is a hero. In everyone else's, he is anything but...

A compelling and moving mystery about family, community and the secrets people keep to protect those they love. Perfect for fans of Joanna Cannon, Janice Hallett and Elizabeth is Missing.

Praise for Emily Koch-

'Really well-written, deeply moving and psychologically affecting... Highly recommended' Alex Michaelides, author of The Silent Patient

'A debut to be reckoned with' Guardian

'Packs a real emotional punch' Cara Hunter, author of Close to Home

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