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Where Are the Children Now? - Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

Where Are the Children Now? - Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

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The highly anticipated sequel to Mary Higgins Clark’s iconic bestseller Where Are The Children?, featuring the children of Nancy Harmon, all grown up and again in peril.
In Where Are the Children? young mother Nancy Harmon, convicted of murdering her two children, became such a pariah that she was forced to move across the country, change her identity and start a new life. Years later her two children from a second marriage, Mike and Melissa, would go missing, and Nancy yet again became the prime suspect – but this time, Nancy was able to confront the secrets buried in her past and rescue her kids from a dangerous predator.
In this thrilling sequel, Melissa, a lawyer turned successful podcaster, has recently married a man whose first wife died tragically, leaving him and their young daughter, Riley, behind. While Melissa and her brother, Mike, help their mother relocate to the idyllic Hamptons, Melissa’s new stepdaughter goes missing.
Drawing on the experience of their own abduction, Melissa and Mike race to find Riley to save her from the trauma they still struggle with – or worse.

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