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Zombie Diaries: Deja Moo! - Matt Zeremes and Guy Edmonds

Zombie Diaries: Deja Moo! - Matt Zeremes and Guy Edmonds

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Follow Jimmy and his friends as they try to stay sane (and human) in a zombie-cow apocalypse. 

Hello! I'm Jimmy and I’m living in a totally weird ZOMBIE-COW APOCALYPSE! Everyone is mooing and drooling all over the place! So my best buds, Daisy and Hooey, and I are sailing the seas on a ship called AwesomeVille! It's actually as big as a city and it's got EVERYTHING! The ship can take us to a certain billionaire who can help turn my mooing mum back into a human mum. As long as an evil scientist and his super-cool robot stay far far away . . .

In the third book in the hilarious zombie-comedy series, author duo Guy Edmonds and Matt Zeremes take readers on a butt-kicking adventure full of cows, explosions, ships, robots, sharks, drool, putt-putt golf, farts and spaghetti. Perfect for fans of The Bad Guys, The Last Kids on Earth and Diary of a Wimpy Kid

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